Citrus Elementary Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Mar 31, 2012 7:05 PM

Citrus Elementary was first opened in 1936, making it the oldest school in the Chico Unified School District. To celebrate the 75th anniversary, students and staff have come up with service projects to give back to local organizations.

Principal Shirley Williams says, “The community has supported us as a school for 75 years and we wanted to thank the community for that. We also wanted to empower the children in having them see the impact that they can make out in the community."

Every class has a designated project. Classes have found a variety of ways to give back, from collecting food for local shelters donations to getting donations for organizations like the Butte County SPCA. One class is even raising money for the Chico Cyclist Care fund by asking for pledges for a 75 mile bike-a-thon. Teachers are also thinking outside the box by tying the projects into their curriculum, using subjects like math and science to keep track of their progress. Principal Williams says she is impressed with the effort the entire school has put into the project. The service projects are all leading up to a big celebration at the school on May 10th. Students will be presenting their projects, and the public will also get to go on a walking history tour of the school.


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