Christmas Lights Up on the Ridge

Dec 24, 2014 8:32 PM by Pedro Quintana

One North State resident on the ridge is displaying her holiday spirit during this Christmas Eve.
Janet and Don Clark have collected over a hundred Christmas decoration and ornaments over the years, now they're Christmas décor is spreading holiday cheer across the North State.
"It's just become a blast, it's like a month long party," Janet said.
An a jolly party it has been for Janet and friends, from the outside, the bedroom to even the restroom, no blank space is left during this Christmas season.
"My father hand-made that carousel, I had the horses from Costco and he just took pieces of wood and put it together, that's one of, if I would to pick a favorite that would be my favorite.
Clark has been collecting since as far back as she can remember and every year it had grown.
"We didn't know it was going to get to this point, but now it's like its hard to ever stop cause we have children that came when they were little, now they are bringing their kids, that how long we've been doing it.
And the work starts August.
She and her helpers begin moving furniture, pulling out boxes..getting ready for the holidays.
"We put all this work into it and we want to share it with as many people that want to see it that's the important part of doing this.
Clark says the community has been so supportive with the magical display, but one thing she can't avoid an electric bill that give her a jolt.
"It's nasty, even with LED's it's nasty," Janet said.
If you want to step into this Christmas wonderland, Clark says she usually leaves her Christmas display until January 3rd.
1747 Tara Lane
Paradise, Ca 95969


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