Christbridge Ministry helps Chico clean-up homeless camps

Jan 23, 2015 7:58 PM by Cecile Juliette

A local business owner says she's been at wit's end, dealing with a large homeless camp next to her building. According to homeless advocates, it's known as the "field of screams," and it's in a field at the corner of Park Avenue and East 20th Street just blocks from the Jesus Center. They say tweakers and drunks argue over territory.

Shuree Wesley runs a business next to the field, and says homeless people hang out in the area day and night. She says they fight, use drugs, defecate, and disrupt her business. She says while a few are respectful, many others are not, and she was even physically threatened this week. She says, "They look at me and wave, and tell me the police can't show up because there's not enough of them."

She was pleasantly surprised Friday when a work crew from Christbridge Ministry showed up to clean up the field. The organization serves as a drug and alcohol recovery program, and some of those involved in the clean-up had even stayed at the camp at one point. They are busy helping the city clean garbage-ridden creeks, bridges and fields. Marquez Jarrelle Bass says he avoided jail as part of Proposition 36, and is now serving his probation with Christbridge, cleaning up the places he used to play as a little boy.

Christbridge needs donations to help support their efforts. If you'd like to contribute, you'll find them on Facebook.


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