CHP town hall brings closure to Orland crash first responders

May 29, 2015 1:35 PM by News Staff

In an effort to bring some closure to the community and first responders, the California Highway Patrol hosted a town hall meeting in Orland Thursday night to discuss the findings of a yearlong investigation into the tragic bus crash that left 10 people dead.

The crash happened April 10, 2014, when FedEx truck crossed the Interstate 5 median in Orland and slammed into a tour bus carrying a group of Southern California high school students. Five students, three of their chaperones and the drivers of both vehicles were killed.

A CHP probe found that the FedEx driver was at fault, however investigators could not confirm whether or not the driver fell asleep or suffered some type of debilitating medical problem.

While the investigation's findings may not provide the answers everyone wants, it has brought a sense of closure to those who were first to arrive at the horrific scene.

"This is something most people don't see in an entire career," Lt. Bruce Carpenter told Action News Now. Carpenter said those who were first on the scene have processed and come to terms with the findings and everything that happened.

Glenn County Sheriff Richard Warren says it is important to understand the complexity of the investigation to be able to move forward, "we can't ever change what happened, but what we can do is try to move forward and hopefully eliminate that possibility in the future."


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