CHP ramping up school bus stop sign enforcement

Apr 29, 2016 7:39 PM by News Staff

After receiving multiple complaints from paradise unified school district bus drivers, the California Highway Patrol held a bus safety day earlier this afternoon.

Officers from the CHP followed multiple buses during their routes after school looking for traffic violations around school buses.

According to bus drivers, one of the biggest problems is vehicles passing a bus while the stop sign is out and school children are exiting the vehicle.

Some of the biggest problem areas for bus drivers are stops along the skyway in Magalia and stops along Nunnely road.

CHP officers say it's important to remind the public about being aware of a buses stop sign.

"It’s really important,” said Officer Adriana Warner. “It’s very important to the safety of our children. We’re out here on this enforcement detail to remind drivers to slow down when they see that school bus pulling over and when they see those blinking lights and signals to stop for that school bus.”

CHP pulled over just one vehicle during the patrol but one bus driver said there were six vehicles which failed to stop during her flashing red lights.

CHP officers said they will remain committed to ensuring the safety of local students and bus drivers.


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