CHP probe faults truck driver in Orland bus crash

May 22, 2015 5:56 PM by News Staff

The California Highway Patrol has faulted a FedEx driver for a fiery head-on collision in Orland with a bus carrying high school students to a college visit, saying it is likely the driver either fell asleep or had a medical condition.

The FedEx truck crossed the Interstate 5 median in Orland and slammed into a tour bus carrying a group of Southern California high school students on April 10, 2014. Five students, three of their chaperones and the drivers of both vehicles died in the crash.

The bus was taking dozens of high school students from Southern California to a college tour at Humboldt State University.

During a press conference in Southern California Friday, the CHP said neither the bus, FedEx truck nor Nissan Altima had mechanical issues. Investigators also said none of the drivers were on cell phones or impaired.

All three drivers were not found to have any pre-existing medical conditions, but CHP investigators say it is possible the FedEx driver, Timothy Evans, had a medical condition while driving.

Sgt. Nate Parsons says "there could have been an undetermined or undiagnosed medical condition for the driver of the FedEx truck," but that couldn't be determined because of the condition of his body.

Earlier this month, the NTSB released thousands of pages of records from its investigation, including a statement from one passenger who said the truck driver was slumped over before the crash.

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