CHP investigation into fatal crash continues with tests on I-5 today

Apr 17, 2014 8:11 PM

The CHP continues their investigation into last week's crash by performing tests using near-replicas of the vehicles involved.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much new information released, but CHP officials say they're collecting new information, interviews, and evidence every day, and what happened today was with the hopes of answering the question: how did this happen?

“We’re hoping to learn how it happened so we can identify what to do so we can prevent it from happening again,” said CHP Captain Todd Morrison of the Northern Division.

Morrison, a Northern Division Commander who oversees the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team, also known as MAIT, explained how Thursday's CHP investigation was two-parted.

First, CHP conducted a series of visual tests as clone vehicles drove along the same path as one week ago.

“We want to identify driver perspectives from both vehicles, what they could have seen,” Morrison said. “We have a series of cameras strategically set up in each of the vehicles and then we run different speeds so we can try and get a perspective of what they may have saw when they approached the collision scene.”

Second, CHP conducted a speed from skid analysis.

“…Identifying as close as we can, coupled with all of the other evidence we've gathered, a pre-impact speed of the vehicles,” Morrison said.

Morrison said if they needed, they could recreate the entire scene once those skid marks eventually disappear.

“We have already protected those skid marks,” Morrison said. “We've measured them. We've photographed them…”

While all of this was going on, there were local officials from Glenn County on site to provide social support services to local residents who may still have this event photographed in their mind.

“They may feel like they're witnessing it again and they may need counseling or social support following this,” said Amy Travis, of Glenn County Health and Human Services.

They passed out information on post-traumatic stress, and gave people numbers to call.

“We’ve asked for people to put their children away in the house so they don't have to relive the event all over again,” said Amy Lindsey, Glenn County’s Deputy Director of Behavioral Health.

CHP officials said both Silverado Stages and FedEx have been extremely cooperative through this entire process. They tell Action News Now the drivers in some of today's tests included a driver from FedEx, and one from Setra, the maker of the Silverado Stages tour bus.


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