CHP Cracking Down on Hwy 99 Speeders

Jul 29, 2013 6:28 PM

Local highway workers say their jobs can be deadly.

“On a scale of one to 10, it’s probably a 10,” said longtime highway concrete finisher John Kirker of Yuba City. “Things just fly off these trucks. Tires explode, you know what I mean? Stuff just flies everywhere.”

In an attempt to make these jobs less dangerous, the California Highway Patrol is stepping up its enforcement on a section Highway 99 that is currently under construction in Chico.

CHP has lowered the speed limit on that stretch of highway from 65 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour.

“We’re just concerned about the safety of the construction workers and the general public when [drivers] are going through there too fast,” said CHP officer Joe Ortiz.

The speed limit decrease on Highway 99 will stay in effect until construction is complete.


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