CHP cracking down on distracted driving

Apr 3, 2014 11:31 AM

April is Distracted Driving awareness month and law enforcement agencies throughout the state are cracking down on texting and driving.

The Chico and Redding California Highway Patrol along with more than 200 other law enforcement agencies will execute a month long zero-tolerance enforcement and education campaign to stop texting or operating a handheld phone while behind the wheel.

In Chico special enforcement operations will be set up to cite cell phone violators on April 3, 8, 18, and 22.

The increased enforcement aims to persuade drivers to recognize the dangers of distracted driving.

The current minimum cost of a cell phone ticket is $161, with subsequent tickets costing at least $281.

“We take the issue of distracted driving very seriously said Redding acting commander David Peterson in a press release, “because we see the aftermath of these totally preventable crashes. Is that text message or cell phone call really worth $161, or worse, someone’s life?”

According to a CHP press release, drivers who use handheld devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. In addition studies show that texting while driving can delay a driver’s reaction time just as severely as having a blood alcohol content of a legally drunk driver.

Thousands die every year because people use their cell phones while driving. Urge others to:

• Stop using cell phones while driving.

• Recognize that hand-free devices offer no safety benefit.

• Understand the dangers of the cognitive distraction to the brain.

• Inform people who call you while driving that you’d be happy to continue the conversation once they have reached their destination

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