CHP Chopper Rescues Teens from Swift Sacramento River

May 14, 2013 8:02 PM

Five teenagers had to be rescued by helicopter today after they were stranded on a rock in the Sacramento River.

It happened in redding just after 2:30 this afternoon downstream from Keswick Dam and the Sacramento River Pedestrian Bridge. Sheriff's officials say the teens were from Colorado, British Columbia and Norway and unfamiliar with the dangers of the river.They set out on inflatable mattresses, and got caught up on a rock in the middle of the swift, cold water.The CHP helicopter responded within minutes of the report and a bauman "screamer" suit was lowered-down.

One-by-one the teens put the suit on, and were then hoisted to safety where they were checked for injuries. They were also counseled about the river's swift currents, snags, and the threat of hypothermia from the low water temperature.


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