Chief Troslte Reminds College Community of 'One and Done'

Aug 27, 2013 12:04 PM

Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle sent out a stern, self-composed reminder to Chico's college community of the Disorderly Events Ordinance in light of the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Here is an unedited version of the Chief's letter to the community:

Prepared By: Chief Kirk Trostle Date/Time: 8/26/13-4:30 PM

"The Chico Police Department welcomes our new and returning citizens to our community to begin their academic year. Historically, we observe an increase in the activity levels as our campus neighborhoods begin to fill with residents. We recommend all citizens be vigilant of your surroundings, travel together in groups, do not confront individuals when you have the opportunity to leave the situation, do not instigate inappropriate activity, and above all, take care of your friends and fellow citizens. When it comes to parties; Keep it Chico, keep it small, keep it safe.

In regard to party life, the police department will continue the policy of “One and Done” regarding tumultuous and disorderly behavior at parties. This means one fight, one thrown object (can, bottle, rock, etc.) one act of violence, vandalism or other conduct defined in the Disorderly Event Ordinance, the police department will disperse the party. The Disorderly Events Ordinance will be enacted to mitigate the adverse effects of dangerous behavior to maintain order and protect citizens who had no intent to do harm.

The Disorderly Events Ordinance can be located at the City of Chico website,

Any gathering will be considered an unlawful assembly when an object (can, bottle, rock, etc.) is thrown at a police officer. This act is a violent and egregious offense that poses a clear and present danger and will not be tolerated by the police department. These felonious acts will result in a dispersal order being given and a reasonable period of time for party goers to peacefully leave the area. If individuals participating in the unlawful assembly do not disperse, arrests for violation of Section 409 of the Penal Code will occur. This response will be taken to restore order and protect those citizens who had no intent to do harm.

The police department expects community members to have peaceful and respectful gatherings. Those individuals responsible for having a party must take steps to ensure police intervention is not needed. Hosts should contain their gathering to individuals they know and not allow strangers attend their party. At locations where parties have become disorderly, the police department will contact property/lien holders to ensure they are aware of the disorderly event to determine if a violation of the lease has occurred. Additionally, the police department will notify Chico State University and Butte College Judicial Affairs to pursue academic sanctions under California Code of Regulations Title 5.

Lastly, the police department encourages our students to pursue the Wildcat and Roadrunner Way by

academically challenging yourself, engage your community in a positive way, and pursue excellence.

What you learn and experience on your journey in Chico will enable you to pursue and fulfill all of your dreams."


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