Chief: Serial arsonist may be at work in Oroville

Jan 16, 2016 1:22 AM

A serial arsonist may be setting fires to vacant homes in South Oroville. According to El Medio Fire Chief Rusty Olhausen, a fire Friday evening at an abandoned home at 3248 Myers Street was intentionally set. He said the home is owned by a couple living out-of-town, and the electricity was turned off. Transients had been living in the home, and the structure had not been properly maintained by the homeowners. Olhausen added that last week's house fire on January 7th on D Street was intentionally set as well. Firefighters were called to the vacant home late January 6ht, and they extinguished a blaze. They were called back to the property early the next morning, and found the attic engulfed in flames. Firefighters said they found two candles burning in the home, which indicated people had returned to the home after firefighters put out the first fire. According to the chief, a few months ago, another vacant home with no power went up in flames at 3720 Myers Street. He believes all were intentionally set, and are likely connected. No one was injured in any of these three fires, but Chief Olhausen said he wanted to catch the perpetrator before someone got hurt. Pic courtesy: A.J. Back


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