Chico Woman Tortured

May 25, 2010 7:29 PM

A twenty-nine year old Chico woman is recovering from severe cuts and bruises from beatings she says were from her boyfriend. The woman told police twenty-seven year old Warren Gerrue hand-cuffed her to a bed and repeatedly beat her. She said she was occasionally freed and was able to escape from her home on Hazel Street Monday morning while Gerrue was asleep. S

She was treated at Enloe Medical Center. Police found Gerrue hiding in a bedroom inside the couple's home. A search warrant was served several hours later. "I really can't comment on what was found during the search warrant but I understand that evidence was recovered," Merrifield explained.

A neighbor who knew the couple says Gerrue made her uneasy. "He was ok, he didn't seem abusive or anything. He seemed nice but he did give me a little bit of the creeps," Edith Hall stated.

A short time before the crime, the victim told Hall her boyfriend hid her cell phone. "She told me that her boyfriend was jealous, thought she was calling someone, a guy."

Gerrue has been booked on charges of false imprisonment, domestic violence, torture and assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on one-million dollars. The victim's two year old son was in the home during the crime but was not hurt. The couple had reportedly been living together since February.

he went to a neighbor's home on Ivy street and called police. "She had significant injuries over really all of her body. When the officer got there the very first thing he did was call an ambulance because she had obviously been badly beaten," Sgt. Rob Merrifield from the Chico Police Department stated.


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