Chico woman spends life 'paying it forward,' now she needs help

Oct 7, 2015 8:18 PM by Cecile Juliette

A Chico woman has made it her life's mission to help severely disabled children.

Robin Coley has adopted 11 disabled children, and she says nine of them are severely disabled. She has help, not only from caring volunteers, but from her mom, who comes down from Redding to give her a hand. Coley says many of the children either come from homes in which their parents were detained, or the kids were put up for adoption because their parents had other kids, and couldn't care for them. Coley says, 'If there is a kid in need, I'm there. "

Now, Coley is the one 'in need.' Her home has a leaky roof. Coley says she's thought about taking out a loan to fix it. Her sister paid for the materials, but they need a roofing expert to do the labor.

There is a gofundme account set up to raise money for the repairs. If you'd like to help click here.


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