Chico woman runs in Boston Marathon

Apr 21, 2014 8:21 PM

Shannon Devine of Chico started running when she was in college and has continued to run for nearly twenty years. After competing in a marathon in Eugene, Oregon last year, she had a fast enough time to qualify for the Boston Marathon. That's when she started the process to make her way to the east coast. "Once you qualify, you register for the marathon and then they pick the fastest people who register to actually get to enter the race," explained Devine.

At first, Devine was hesitant about going to Boston for the race but she knew she couldn't pass up the opportunity. "At first I was a little bit nervous about coming over here just because of what happened last year but I just started thinking this might be a once in a lifetime chance."

This year's race had nearly 36,000 runners which is more than usual. About 9,000 of those runners were people who couldn't finish the race last year because of the bombings. "It made it feel more special being here with all the people that were here from last year and remembering what has happened," said Devine.

After months of training to get to where she is today, Devine says it was all worth it. "The whole time I was running, I felt like I was in a parade. There are just wall to wall people for 26 miles cheering you on, giving you high fives, and encouraging you. There’s no other marathon that I’ve ever run that's like this."

Decine said she couldn't have done it without the support of her family and friends throughout the training process and up until the day of the race. She even said some of her kids were inspired by her and said they were going to run a marathon one day.


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