Chico woman lives in van, fighting cancer

Feb 1, 2015 11:07 PM

A Chico woman is dealing with many serious issues. Ruth Whatcott, 59, was diagnosed with cancer in October. She was living out of her car, receiving chemotherapy at Enloe Cancer Center, when the staff helped her trade her car in for a roomier van. She's grateful, because she says she can stand up in it, sleep in it, and it doesn't break down as her other car did.
Whatcott says she uses what money she has to buy a hotel room for a few days when she's getting chemo, so she can recover. The rest of the time, she lives in the van with her cat "Elvis." She says there are few resources for someone in her situation. Doctors told her she can't stay at the shelters, because she can't be in contact with anyone with a cold or a runny nose, as her immune system is very weak.
If you would like to help Whatcott, friends have set up a Go Fund Me account, at


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