Chico Woman Among Antarctic Rescue Crew

Jan 14, 2014 12:14 AM

The tourists and researchers on the stranded ship in the Antarctic have been rescued and a Chico woman was one of the people sent with the rescue team from the United States. Karlee Brinson is part of the crew on the Polar Star, an ice breaker with the United States Coast Guard. The ship left from Seattle and was on its way to Antarctica for their original mission, to help break an ice channel for a fuel tanker and cargo ship to get to a science research station.

Karlee's family says they had a feeling her ship would be asked to help with the mission. "Once they left Seattle, I told my wife 'I bet they'll be a part of this before it’s said and done'. They were excited to get to Sydney and get their four days of liberty. The next thing you know, we get an email saying 'We're gone. We’re leaving. We’re pulling out. We’re going to go save them,’" said Ed Brinson, Karlee’s father.

The change in weather allowed a helicopter to go in and pick up the passengers just days before the Polar Star could get there. The ship continued towards Antarctica with its original mission to the science research station.


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