Chico video rental store closing its doors

Jan 22, 2015 6:04 PM by News Staff

One of the last surviving Chico movie rental stores is closing its doors.

"All The Best" video rental is closing its Walnut Street location, which will leave just one video rental store left in Chico, All The Best's Cohasset Road shop.

Owner Dustin Jenks says business at the Walnut Street store is slow, but things have held steady at the Cohasset location.

Old school video stores, a once thriving business has been pushed to the brink of extinction by Red Box and video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

All The Best has been impacted as much as anyone, their first store opened in 1984 and at one point they had 22 stores across northern California. When the Walnut location closes, there will be just three left, Cohasset Road, a store in Magalia and a store in Susanville.

The Walnut Street location will close in the next 90 days and the store has already begun selling off its massive video collection.


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