Chico Veterinarian Assists in Busting Dog Fighting Ring

Aug 29, 2013 7:32 PM

One of the largest dog fighting rings in U.S. history was shutdown this week. A few North Valley Animal Disaster Group volunteers, including Chico veterinarian Dr. Gary Darling, helped make it happen.

367 pit bulls rescued and 11 people were arrested.

Once all the dogs were rescued they had to be taken care of and Dr. Darling was in Alabama to help.

"I'm still just taking it all in and some of it I'm putting away and I don't want to remember," says Darling.

For Dr. Gary Darling, it was a very unique experience.

He's never helped with dog fighting and puppy mill raiding before and he says this was unlike anything he's done in the past.

"Difficult things to handle for sure, I mean these people are amazing at how cruel they can be and what conditions they can put their animals in," says Darling.

The hundreds of pit bulls rescued are now being cared for by The Humane Society and ASPCA.

"This was an ongoing effort by the FBI and others for several years to develop but we had no idea it was gong to turn out this well," says Darling.

Darling was one of three North Valley Animal Disaster Group volunteers to make the trip to Alabama. Darling says he helped with the rescue in several ways.

"My role was to assist in every aspect of the veterinary team, everything from drawing blood and obtaining information to doing some forensic work and developing a case to help put these guys away," says Darling.

It was a lot of work as well.

"We started early and went home when the job is done, long days, sun up to sun down," says Darling.

But all that was forgotten when he thinks about helping the dogs.

"These are the sweetest animals in the world, it's unbelievable," says Darling.

He says this rescue is cause for celebration.

"I never could've dreamed about being a part of the 2nd biggest dog fighting bust ever," says Darling.

An accomplishment for Darling and an awesome day to be a dog.

Darling says the dogs are considered evidence so they will stay in kennels at undisclosed locations. They'll then go to rescue groups and be put up for adoption.


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