Chico Unified warns of other dangerous games following 'eraser challenge' incident

Oct 19, 2015 5:14 PM by News Staff

A Chico Junior High student remains hospitalized after participating in the “Eraser Challenge,” and Chico Unified School District officials are urging parents to talk with their kids about the dangerous game, and several others like it.

In a statement released Monday, the district said the student remains hospitalized with a serious illness, but his condition was not released.

The game is a dare in which students take an eraser and rub it back and forth across their arm while reciting the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter. Once they reach the letter Z they stop and compare their burns with their friend’s eraser burns.

Chico Unified officials are asking parents to be aware of not only the ‘eraser challenge’, but a handful of other dangerous games that have gained popularity across the nation.

The district provided a WedMD article summarizing seven other games parents should know about. Included in the article are a “choking game” that involves cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain for a brief high; A “cinnamon challenge’ that involves swallowing a spoonful of powdered cinnamon; and "chubby bunny", a game that requires someone to shove as many full-sized marshmallows into their mouth as possible and then enunciate the words "chubby bunny" to an audience.

You can read the entire WebMD article here.

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