Chico Unified School District, Teachers Union reach tentative deal

Apr 3, 2015 9:26 AM

The Chico Unified School District and Chico Unified Teachers Association have reached a tentative agreement. Once the agreement is ratified, the negotiations ongoing since February 2014 will come to an end, avoiding the looming teachers' strike within the district.

Getting to this point has been a bumpy ride since the start of contract talks early last year. The disagreements rapidly intensified with the union's advisory vote to strike and the district's placement of a "help wanted" ad for substitute teachers in the local paper. The sides finally came together to agree on a salary increase for teachers among several other non-financial issues.

"Teachers would receive a 3% increase retroactive to July 1 of 2014. So for the 2014-2015 school year it represents a 3% increase and 6% increase that would begin January first of 2016." says Chico Unified Assistant Superintendent Bob Feaster.

Here is a joint statement released on the CUSD website:

Chico Unified Teachers Association President Kevin Moretti, on behalf of its represented certificated employees, and Chico Unified School District Superintendent Kelly Staley, on behalf of the District, are extremely pleased to jointly announce to the Chico community, parents, students, and all employees of the District, that we have reached a tentative proposed resolution to the collective bargaining negotiations that have spanned these past several months.

While this tentative resolution is subject to the approval of the Board of Education and the members of the Union, we are proud to recommend ratification of the tentative resolution to both the Board of Education and CUTA members.

The resolution represents countless hours of hard work and creative problem solving by a large number of individuals, both on behalf of the Union and the District. We are grateful for the patience of our school community as we worked through many extremely challenging issues to reach this agreement.

The road to this positive resolution has not been without its bumps and scrapes. However, the ultimate intention of both the District and CUT A has been the success of our students and the enhancement of the educational environment for our students, staff and the Chico community.

This process was possible because we maintained open communication. As demonstrated by this resolution, we are committed to increased cooperation and collaboration between the District and the membership of CUTA.

Upon ratification, we will move forward with an updated Agreement that more clearly and efficiently sets forth the expectations for the District and CUTA, while reconfirming the unique and valuable contributions of the District's teaching staff to our students and our community.

We look forward to jointly working to continue Chico Unified School District's dedication
to excellence in education.
Kevin Moretti, President
Chico Unified Teachers Association

Kelly Staley, Superintendent
Chico Unified School District


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