Chico Unified School District roll out Google Chromebooks

Nov 7, 2014 7:34 PM by Brian Johnson

As part of their efforts to align with common-core standards, Chico Unified Schools are employing new technology in the classroom.

The Google Chromebooks come as part of $2.4 million in state dollars to be used for Common Core training and hardware.

"A lot of the online stuff gives you more help and I feel there's more to it, other than just a book," said one Bidwell Junior High student.

Bidwell had one cart of Chromebooks last year, but now they can pick from three (120 total).

Friday, 8th graders were using Chromebooks to sign up for their student information account they'll use through high school.

"You can do simulations, the kids can do group work, the kids can access their e-books," said Bidwell Junior High Assistant Principal Laurie Debock.

One student even used them for her P.E. class.
"They gave us nutrition packets, and so we went on the website and we used it by typing in our weight, and how long we work out, and it shows how many calories we've burned."

Debock says they won't be burning through as much paper, either.

"At first our big challenge [was] the teachers were like ‘When are we going to get a printer? You know we want to be able to print from these.' And that was when the realization of these are really meant to be used differently," Debock said.

By different she means the cloud, and in the near future, Debock sees Google Classroom becoming the virtual classroom.

Until then, Chromebooks really "burn" their media center computers in terms of speed, which can take up to 10 minutes to login the whole class-Chromebooks, comparatively are light speed, says Debock.

Above all, the kids say it's easy and enjoy it.

"Kids learn it a whole lot quicker than adults do," Debock said.

"It's just go to Google and you're there," another student said.

Chico Unified has 1,625 total Chromebooks right now.


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