Chico Unified School District faces new budget projections

Jan 23, 2014 12:15 AM

You could call it a bit of a sigh of relief for the Chico Unified School Board and District Officials. Tonight, they got a preliminary glimpse at the budget for the coming school year and what just weeks ago looked to be a grim picture, is now looking much brighter. It's looking much brighter because Governor Jerry Brown’s new budget, released just two weeks ago, includes a ten billion dollar boost for public schools. The governor's proposal comes just in the nick of time. The district had projected a deficit due to increased expenditures and decreasing revenue. That's because enrollment for Chico Unified is expected to decline by at least 100 students. But instead of discussing teacher layoffs and program cuts, the district now projects an increase in revenue of six million dollars. The Governor's budget and the ten billion dollar increase isn't law yet. It still must pass the state legislature. Superintendent Staley says the school district will be keeping a close eye on the declining enrollment trend in relation to expenditures. That may mean making adjustments to staffing in accordance with the number of students enrolled.


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