Chico Students Tour Recycling & Rubbish Exhibit

Mar 17, 2012 10:16 AM

Dozens of elementary school kids gathered in Chico Friday to learn about how they can have a positive impact on the environment. For more than a decade, Chico State students have helped run the Recycling and Rubbish Exhibit at the Recology center in Chico. It has been used to educate kids and the general public about different kinds of trash, and what to do with it. Staff members at the exhibit have created a variety of presentations that help bring the subject to life while stressing the importance of waste reduction. Project coordinator Marley Zalay says, "We encourage solution oriented behavior so that when we're talking about problems with the environment and pollution it's not going to depress kids. They're going to feel empowered so they can make changes in their behavior." The exhibit features more than 20 hands-on and interactive displays that teach all about the the different ways people can dispose of their waste. The 4 methods the exhibit focuses on are recycle, reduce, reuse, and rot. Through the displays, staff members cover a range of topics from the anatomy of a landfill to electronic and hazardous waste. Staff members say it's not just the kids who learn from the interactions at the exhibit, but that the students often become the teachers as well. "They're really inspiring because they have a lot of ideas about reusing trash and trying not to throw away as much trash. They’re really a source of inspiration for the staff at RARE.", says Zalay. If you'd like to learn more about the Recycling and Rubbish Exhibit, we've posted a link on our website under newslinks.


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