Chico store owners try to turn stars and stripes into dollars and cents

Jan 10, 2014 5:05 PM

A pair of Chico store owners are living the American dream. But they're having a tough time finding enough products that are made in the United States.

“America has been great to me and its definitely been great to me,” said Virginia Walker and Katie Vaclaveik who co-own Katie's Korner in the Chico Mall.

And while these woman are in business to make money, their goals are much more than just turning a profit.

“We wanted to do something that could make a difference in some way,” Walker said.

And that way is selling American made products and turning stars and stripes into dollars and cents. But finding merchandise made in the USA is a tough task.

“We go to the shows and there’ll be 6,000 reps showing garments and maybe 10-15 percent is made in the US,” Walker said.

And that small supply creates quite the demand and the prices ultimately follow closely.

“One of the challenges is that typically a premium in their pricing because of the labor cost,” Walker said.

But despite the increase in cost, Katie's Korner believes in giving north state shoppers options in America.

“They have a choice that they’re no locked in to buying things from other countries,” Walker said. “We know that small businesses are the engines to growth in America and we just want to do our part.”


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