Chico State walking bridge collapses

Sep 25, 2014 2:54 PM by News Staff

The Chico State community dodges a bullet today as a huge tree falls on a popular walking bridge, and luckily no one is on it.

University officials say the 100-foot tall sycamore tree crushed the Gus Manolis Bridge at around 7 am.

They say they're grateful no one was hurt, and added that an arborist will assess what caused it to fall tomorrow.
Many students we spoke to on campus say it's the bridge they use the most.

Joseph Womack says he uses the bridge to get to calculus class, but now will have to change his route.

"You just gotta live life, hope it doesn't happen," said Womack. "Yeah I guess it kind of makes you wake up when this kind of stuff happens, huh?"

The Gus Manolis Bridge was built in 1961 in honor of a former Chico State football coach who died after searching for a boy scout in the mountains near Mendocino.


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