Chico State University Stadium gets minor facelift

Apr 16, 2014 6:27 PM

It’s out with the old and in with the new.

At the Chico State University Stadium, worn-down bleachers are being taken out and replaced with new material.

“I’m proud to run here and proud to run on my track,” said Ashley Jones, a junior sprinter on the Chico State track and field team. “But it could have a bit of improvements.”

Jones said she loves her home field but the bleachers there could use an update.

“It definitely needs repair not only for the athletes but for the families, too,” Jones said of the bleachers. “The audiences that come and watch track meets, you want them to be comfortable."

That comfort, however, comes with a cost. According to Chico State University supervising carpenter Joel Dauterman, it will cost about $12,000 to replace the damaged bleacher sections.

“If you look close you’ll see boards marked with orange paint,” he said. “They’re deemed unsafe. So, it’s a process.”

A routine process that happens each year just before Chico State's graduation ceremonies.

Dauterman estimated that many of the existing bleachers were installed in the 1950’s. And with these type of projects costing several thousands of dollars annually, some questioned replacing the entire bleacher sections with more permanent products. But for now, Dauterman and his crew will keep up the patchwork remodeling.

“It would be nice if some wealthy alumni would pony up for new bleachers,” he said. “Until that happens, we’re going continue taking care of things.”

This work will take about a week more to complete.

All the wood removed from the bleachers will be recycled.


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