Chico State Top School

Jan 31, 2012 7:44 PM

" It really helps with our incoming students and community who already think chico's a great place", said Chico State Public Affairs Director Joe Wills. Chico State officials were more than pleased to find the university was named among the top colleges to attend in the Western United States by U.S. News and World Report. Chico State ranked sixth, and has been listed as one of the top ten for the last decade. " That builds a reputation that we now have as one of the top schools of our type, and that balances out things other people hear about a place", said Wills.
It's no secret Chico State has had it's fair share of top rankings, in 1987, the university was listed as the number one party school by Playboy Magazine, and has had to live down the title ever since. But school officials say positive ratings like the one's done by U.S. News are revamping the schools reputation. " That was probably the height of people saying bad things about Chico State, and since then we've been on a steady aspect where people say good things about the place", explained Wills.
Many students agree the university has come a long way. " It's really good that we're starting to be recognized, especially since a lot of people see it as a party school", said Chico State Student Nancy Jauregui. Alex Bernatz, also of Chico State adds, " The party school image has been around since the 80's, we've been working our best to get rid of that and we are, our focus is jobs, getting out there, and students doing well in school which we are".
School officials are also hopeful the campuses new ranking will continue to outshine that of of it's past. " When they read these things, they understand that, and they pass the word along", said Wills.


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