Chico State Students To Egypt...

Nov 16, 2010 6:12 PM

It's all smiles for students in the Association For Computing Machinery group at Chico State, after winning the championship at last weeks Pacific-Northwest International Collegiate Programming Contest. The group of eight went head to head with some of the highest ranking schools in the region, beating all 76 competitors including Berkley and Stanford. "I'm still in shock, I'm happy, I'm excited for them, they get all the credit for everything" said the ACM Advisor and Computer Science Chair Moaty Fayek.
The students had to come up with solutions for eleven different computing problems in both science and engineering, a task that didn't come easy. "Very intense competition. We won the competition within the last 30 seconds of the five hours we were given" said ACM President Michael Lombardi. Team captain David Stolp adds " About a third of the teams only solved a single problem out of eleven so it was a tough set". A tough competition that Chico State hasn't won since the 1980's. " When we won it was the most amazing thing.. I think there was disbelief across the room" said Lombardi.
The students will be heading to Egypt at the end of February to compete against the worlds top 100 programming champs, in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. And they're going into it with a positive attitude. " I think we can do it again and there's a good chance we can bring the world title home" Lombardi explained.
And whether the students bring home a world medal or some they are already champions. " In my eyes they are already winners" said Fayek.


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