Chico State Students Keep Police Busy

Aug 22, 2011 7:41 PM

The Chico State campus has come to life, as thousands of students return for the start of classes Monday. But with their return, comes out of control parties like this one, which was thrown last Thursday night between West 5th and Chestnut Streets, and police say the parties are far from over. " This month, August and the first part of September, that's really gonna be our busiest time of the year", said Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney.
Officer's say last Thursday's crowd of more than 300 became unruly, and several objects were thrown at officers. " Our concern is that this rock was thrown at our officers, this rock was only one of several projectiles", explained Maloney.
It's that kind of behavior that members from Chico States Campus Alcohol & Drug Education Center are trying to prevent. The group works directly with students to inform them of the consequences that can come from drinking. " We want them to know that our town has a zero tolerance for underage drinking and that all the alcohol laws are seriously enforced", said CADEC director Shauna Quinn.
Chico Police arrested more than 50 individuals over the weekend for misdemeanors like public intoxication, minors in possession and driving under the influence, all crimes that can total together more than two thousand dollars for a first offense. And police worry that too many students just don't realize how these actions can change a life of promise into a life of regret forever. " This is a felony, somebody could go to state prison for this for felony assault or attempted murder, anything in that range, and that could ruin somebody's life", explained Maloney.
Police say social networking sites like Facebook have made keeping up with parties more difficult over the years, but they do also use them to their benefit to help determine who's responsible for organizing large gatherings.


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