Chico State Students Hold Safety Summit

Nov 5, 2015 1:26 AM by Anthony Peters

As another day's headlines were dominated by another violent incident at a university; students, law officers and community leaders came together at a safety summit to help solve some of the safety problems threatening Chico State.

"Everyone in the same room addressing these issues addressing safety, which is one of the biggest concerns in Chico right now. And seeing all the passion that was there, it was really great to see," Associated Students Commissioner of Community Affairs Oliver Montalbano said.

Some of those issues were lighting in neighborhoods surrounding campus, substance and alcohol abuse, and the general feeling of safety on campus.
A large portion of the summit was dedicated to finding solutions for safety concerns facing the campus community.

"For the second twenty minutes we talked about in-depth solutions," Montalbano said. "Our thing that we were talking about were potentially addressing the issue of transportation to and from the downtown areas at night because that's were a lot of assaults happen."

Associated Students President Deanna Jarquin says summits like the one today are a key helper in being proactive about safety around campus.

"This is a really pro-active attempt to reach out across the board and learn about how we can be a safer Chico." she said.

That pro-active approach will be moving forward as the Associated Students and the Chico State Police will be forming a Police-Student Advisory Board, which will help students communicate with the Police department their safety concerns.

"That's an effort for us to get that information from the stakeholders here at the university," Chico State University Police Chief Jon Feeney said. "In order to have them help us the UPD decide upon how we can best serve them and make this campus as safe as possibly can be."


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