Chico State Students Clean Dorm Rooms for Charity

May 19, 2011 7:04 PM

With finals wrapping up and the semester coming to a close, students are cleaning out their dorm rooms and on the move for summer... And instead of throwing away any left over items.. one university program is helping students stay 'green' during their move..

Luisa Garza, from Chico State Housing and Food Services says, "We educate them about what's reusable and recyclable.." The University's Housing and Food Service Department along with A.S Recycling are hosting their tenth annual "diversion excursion".. It's designed to keep reusable items out of the trash and put them into the hands of those in need. "Instead of all of this going to the landfill we will take it and sort it out and donate it to shelters," student volunteer Kaylee Ellis says.

More than 16 hundred students are moving out of the eight housing facilities around campus. Luisa says, "The charities just love that the Chico State students are so generous with the things that they donate.. We get some really good quality items.."

And students love knowing their items will go to good use.. Natasha Adam, Chico State Student says, "I brought it here because it's better.. Instead of putting it in a land fill, having it reused for someone who really might want to use it."

Last year, students gave away more than 20-thousand pounds of reusable products.. Volunteers are hoping to exceed that amount this year..


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