Chico State student remembered as talented musician, great guy

Jul 16, 2014 7:34 PM by Cecile Juliette

A Chico State student known for having an enormous musical talent and a kind and gentle nature has died while swimming in an apartment pool. According to the Chico Fire Department, Aaron Drange, 20, died while swimming in the pool at Westpark Plaza, 920 W. 4th, Tuesday evening. His death is considered an accident, and is not being investigated as suspicious.

Chico State University Professor David Scholz knew Drange as both a student at school, and as part of the musical choir at Bidwell Presbyterian Church. Scholz says Drange's sudden death is an overwhelming tragedy, not only for his Drange's family, but for the entire music community at the school. Says Scholz, "It's just a terrible tragedy that he's gone. He was just the nicest young man, always had the most positive outlook on life. I saw him about three weeks ago. He was helping me stack firewood in my yard. There was no chance to say goodbye. He's there, then he's not. I wish I could grab him and give him a hug."

The Chico State junior sang, played the saxophone, as well as many other instruments, wrote music, and wanted to be a recording artist. He also played in a band at the Saturday Farmers' Market. Chico State University will lower the flag to half-mast Thursday in honor of the student.


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