Chico State Student Leaves Hospital

Jan 2, 2013 7:25 PM

With his father and a group of motorcycle riding buddies close behind Brandon Fisher left Enloe Medical Center to continue his recovery at hospital in the Sacramento area.

"It's just baby steps right now," Fisher’s Mother, Juline Hobbs said.

The Chico State senior has been hospitalized since December 8th, when he stepped in front of a truck after a night of drinking in Downtown Chico.
For the first couple of weeks fisher remained in a coma, which he came out of just two days before Christmas.

"He has done exceptionally well so far. It's only been a little over three weeks. I mean everybody here is amazed with his progress," Brandon’s Father Gary Fisher said.

Since waking up, Enloe staff members and his parents have been working with the 21-year-old to help him redevelop basic motor skills.
Through that process his mother says she's seen Brandon’s personality return.

"He took a pencil and began writing in a book three or four days ago. Then he took and put the pencil behind his ear," Hobbs said.

Both parents say they are grateful for the support of the medical staff and community.
Especially Brandon's coworkers at Outback Steakhouse who brought them home cooked meals each night during his hospital stay.

"We don't live here in Chico, but everyone around Chico has been wonderful," Hobbs said.

Fisher still has a long road ahead as doctors begin repairing his badly damaged hip, but his parents are hopeful that he will be able to return to Chico State next spring.


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