Chico State student hopeful bed bugs at University Village unit are gone

Jan 28, 2015 7:48 PM by Cecile Juliette

A Chico State student is hoping some unwelcome guests are gone for good, after bed bugs were found in his apartment at University Village on Nord Avenue.
Michael Fritz said right before he left for winter break, his roommate, an exchange student from Brazil, reported getting bitten by bugs.
According to the university, traps set out didn't catch any bed bugs, and a professor of Entomology couldn't determine that an insect found in the apartment was a bed bug.
Fritz told Action News Now that while he was on vacation, his roommate continued to get bitten, so the university relocated him to another apartment.
When Fritz returned, he was bitten by a bed bug, and a pest control professional exterminated the apartment.
He's hoping the problem has been solved. The university says it is also monitoring the apartment where Fritz's former roommate is now living, and is prepared to exterminate the unit if bed bugs show up there.


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