Chico State releases Student Health Services annual report findings

Nov 20, 2014 1:34 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

Chico State has released its annual report for student health services and some of the numbers regarding students sexual activity can be considered alarming. Although the numbers may seem high at first glance, Chico State officials say the school health services annual report should be viewed in a positive light.

The newly released report for 2013-14 school year outlines the numbers on annual visits to the health center, reasons for the visits, lab orders and medications dispensed.

While the numbers of annual visits are at their highest at just over 32,000, it's what's among the top 5 reasons for the visits that can be unsettling. The report shows that the top lab order was to screen for chlamydia, but of that statistic more women than men were found to be getting STI screenings. While birth control pills along with condoms are on the top 5 list of items or medications dispensed, it's "next choice" better known as the morning after pill that tops the list.

The emergency contraceptive is distributed more than condoms and the pill combined.

Health officials say they're satisfied with the relationship students have with the health center.


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