Chico State Releases Clery Crime Stats Report

Oct 7, 2013 7:06 PM

Every year, the Chico State Police Department is required by law to release certain crime statistics on and around campus.

It's called the Jeanne Clery disclosure act, and these statistics must be published by October 1st and include figures from the past three years. The good news is, there's not a whole lot of violent crime on campus, and students generally feel pretty safe right now.

Ashley Gillespie is a junior at Chico State, and is originally from Chico.

She likes to think she knows her surroundings, and where to stay away from.

Still, she's not taking any chances.

The Jeanne Clery report released by Chico State last week shows 24 forcible sex offenses in the past three years.

“I call my mom, I know you're not supposed to be on the phone but I don't talk to her, she's just on the phone with me, and I always use the buddy system,” Gillespie said.

Senior Julie Castillo doesn't take chances on her walk home either:

“I definitely have a certain route where I know it's well-lit,” Castillo said.

Lights are just one thing Chico State University officials, police, and students will be checking on Wednesday night during the University's 9th annual Moonlight Safety Walk.

“It could include lighting, brushes, sidewalk areas,” said Chico State Police Chief Robyn Hearne.

Chico State Police has a pretty simple goal right now: to be visible on campus, and in those campus "corridors."

“Now we've divided our jurisdiction into actual beats. So now we’re having officers with a little more responsibility for being visible in these beats. So you have a lot more coverage,” Hearne said.

This new beat system, Chief Hearne said, has received a positive response from the Chico State community.

Maybe it's why first year graduate student Jessica McClure feels pretty safe, but like the other girls, is on alert.

“Generally I do feel safe, there have been a couple of incidents that have led me to be more cautious about being here,” McClure said.

The moonlight safety walk will start at 6:30 behind Kendell Hall Wednesday night. Students are encouraged to attend and provide suggestions for campus officials.


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