Chico State Moonlight Safety Walk

Oct 21, 2011 12:12 AM

There was only the moonlight to guide participants in the seventh annual "Moonlight Safety Walk" Thursday. But Chico State President Paul Zingg says the lack of light is the whole idea, to see what safety issues appear at night.

President Zingg says, "We want folks to come here , feel safe here, call the place home. And as a result it's really important that they feel comfortable, that they feel safe."

Roughly 60 students, staff, and police officials, split up into four groups. Each group covering a different area of campus.. Looking for possible safety issues. Chico State Police Captain Robyn Hearne says, "We look at everything that we believe could be either improved or fixed.. And that's the goal, is to identify it and then take care of it."

Participants look for inadequate lighting, tripping hazards, and overgrown brush.. Which campus police say are potential hiding places for would-be attackers. "One of the things we really like to do at night is to take a look at our shrubbery. Look and see whether or not it's overgrown," says Captain Hearne.

The groups also test each of the 32 blue-light safety phones throughout the campus. Problems spotted on the walk are marked, written down, and passed along to the University Facility Management staff to be fixed. Captain Hearne says, "We need to make sure that they feel as safe as possible, so we like to get their information and their feed back for the things that they think we should implement."

And students say knowing university officials are doing all they can to make campus a safer place, makes their walk home a whole lot easier. Chico State Freshman Kari Young says, "I really feel safer actually knowing that there's people that care about our safety."


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