Chico State Honors Former Female Athletes

Aug 10, 2013 11:50 PM

A party was held at Chico State to commemorate Title IX and former Wildcat female athletes.

It was called the "Women in Athletics" celebration and at least 155 former female Chico State athletes attended.

These women socialized and reflected on how far women’s collegiate athletics has come since the passing of Title IX.

Chico State has had some form of women's athletics for at least a century. The women who competed on those early teams were pioneers. Without equal financial backing, facilities, or administrative support, they played on for the love of the game. They laid the foundation for the tremendous success enjoyed by today's female Wildcats.

Women who participated in athletics at Chico State prior to 1980 did not receive block "C" letters for their athletic participation, but the celebration culminated when each women received their well-earned letter.

Chico State Athletic Director Anita Barker says it's time that these ladies receive the recognition they deserve.

"Chico State had 50 years of women's sports that women were never recognized as letterwinners for their participation, it was a cultural thing in athletics, it was before Title IX and now it's finally Chico State's opportunity to fix it and recognize a tradition that was very competitive varsity sport for many many decades," said Barker.

"Well it makes me cry, it chokes me up, this is really cool to be treated as an equal with the men they did the same things we did and they got recognized for it and we never did so it's kinda cool," said Kit Harvey.

"It's just incredible for the women to come back and bond again because you know the women that competed all those years did it for pure love of it and had to break down some doors to even get into the gym," said Deanne Vochatzer.


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