Chico State grad hits all the right notes on his way into the music biz

May 13, 2016 2:05 PM by News Staff

One of Chico State's own, John Klezmer won't graduate until December, but he already has a recording deal with the Los Angeles-based label Sound x3.

And now, Klezmer is looking to take the rest of the world by storm.

A singer-song writer, Klezmer AKA Klez said one his favorite things to do is play an acoustic version of his song "Loaded Gun," the single off his debut ep "Here Right Now."

A Chico State student double majoring in music industry and technology and recording arts, he has managed to juggle school work, recording sessions in Los Angeles, and promo work that included the making of the “Loaded Gun.”

I was always hoping that at some point all this would come together with music and the music industry,” he said.

At 21, klezmer credits his Chico State experience with preparing him for the music world.

He said part of the curriculum got him ready for the wheeling and dealing that can go on, where sometimes musicians can be taken advantage of.

“Before I got into the program, there were plenty of things I didn't know about the business side of things because I feel like as an artist the tendency is to stick more towards the music and the creation of art and a lot of times that can be a bit dangerous,” Klezmer said.

Klezmer’s song writing and singing career is really no surprise to anyone who knows him. As a kid, when he first picked up a guitar, he said he knew music would play a big role in his life.

“Music always came really naturally for me,” he said. “I could pick up any instrument and play it at a young age and so it’s something that felt right so I decided to just continue working at it and working at it.”

Music industry work ethic, these days, means steady rehearsing. As Klezmer prepares to support his ep, he will play a number of live shows in the LA area this summer. But, he said hardly considers it work, telling his stories through song is a labor of love.

“It's really refreshing to see the power of music that it unites people, it can speak to people in different ways, when they really need it to,” he said. “I think that for me is the big take away to know that it’s connected to someone else that maybe I would never have met otherwise so it's a really unique feeling just to see how much music can change people and create a positive change.”

Saturday night you can see klezmer perform at his ep release party. It’s set for the 1078 gallery in downtown Chico. The party starts at 7:30.

The cover is $5 but everyone gets a free download card to access to his new music.


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