Chico State Downhill Mountain Biker Crushes the Competition

May 31, 2013 2:24 PM

A Chico State downhill cyclist is kicking her career into high gear.

Ariana Altier is a true extreme athlete, an impressive downhill bike racer, who possesses the drive and determination to leave the competition in the dust.

It takes more than just pedals and chains to capture the story of Ariana Altier.

"Anybody that's ridden with me definitely knows that I yell a lot," Altier said. "I'll be like, 'oh crap, oh crap!'"

Yet, on the mountain bike she's sharp.

"The adrenaline kind've got me hooked," said Altier.

Watch her ride and your jaw will drop. Listen to her describe it and you'll be in shock.

"Generally I kind've black out when I'm in a race. Just kind've go where your bike takes you and hope you don't crash," said Altier.

She's fast and fearless.

"I've probably gone 35mph or so," said Altier.

And when they hit the clock, she's quicker than every female collegiate biker in the nation.

"I'm the Division 2 National Champion," said Altier.

That's right, this downhill daredevil races for Chico State and last year, as a sophomore, she won the National Championships in New Mexico. She even finished 7 seconds faster than the Division One champion.

"I'm definitely proud of myself," said Altier.

Now, this soon to be junior's hobby turned career is heading uphill.

She's getting offers to ride on a professional circuit with sponsored athletes from around the globe.

"I'm just going to go with the flow and see where it takes me," said Altier.

But once school starts up again the fall, it's back to suiting up for the Wildcat cycling team.

"I love biking, it's a nice break from student life, a way for me to kind've be free by myself," concluded Altier.

Altier said to prepare for the races she trains on her bike in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico and at the gym three days a week.


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