Chico State club looks to S.T.O.P. human trafficking

Apr 14, 2016 1:48 PM by News Staff

California has an alarming number of human trafficking cases and it's the highest among any other state. A seminar and conference was held a Chico state hosted by STOP, where victims of human trafficking had a chance to share their stories Tuesday.

"They're the next generation that's going to infiltrate the system of our society to be able to fight the issue," said Christina Rangel, who is a survivor of human trafficking and a Redding resident.

Activist said listening to the victims and helping them get out of the enslavement rather than putting them behind bars is a paramount solution, according to Carissa Phelps.

"For every person that is victimized, there's a whole village not seeing them right now or not choosing to do something about it," Phelps said, CEO of Runway Girl.

In 2015 the National Human Trafficking Resource Center reported 21,947 calls regarding human trafficking and 5,544 cases were looked into nationally.

However, California had the highest number of cases. A whopping 979 human trafficking cases were reported.

Federal law enforcement is taking the advice of these activist and survivors and working with the victims of human trafficking and helping them rather than putting them behind bars.

"It's takes that survivor coming through having a place of healing and then coming out with their voice and changing within their own community, changing culture," Phelps said.


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