Chico State Classes Dropped

Aug 30, 2010 11:35 AM

California College students seem to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to getting their education. "it's definitely frustrating" said Brianna Bell, a Chico State student. Many face higher tuition costs, tougher eligibility requirements and now fewer classes to choose from. "Definitely if you're not on your A-game getting classes when they open up, it's gonna be tough" said Chico State student Michele Schenone. Bell adds "Classes have become less available and they're a lot smaller so they fill up a lot faster".
Chico State is no stranger when it comes to budget cuts. This semester the university was forced to welcome back 1,000 fewer students, bringing the campus enrollment to roughly 16,000. Now budget cuts are forcing the university to offer fewer courses. "I've missed a couple classes because of it, I've had some where it's like I've lost a class the day of or the first week" said Chico State student Quinn O'Brien.
Many students say the most difficult part, is having courses dropped after they have already made their schedules and planned their lives around it. "It's frustrating definitely when you're trying to create a schedule that works with you if you are working or interning" said Schenone.
While having fewer classes available to students may just seem frustrating, for many it's also very expensive. Some say having fewer classes offered will push back their graduation date, and Bell adds "Being here longer means spending more money and getting more loans".
Students say they would like to see class sizes expand, but realize these are problems they'll have to face once out of college as well. "It's competitive out there, outside of school so you got to get used to it inside school too I guess" said Schenone.


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