Chico State Career Fair

Apr 4, 2012 7:48 PM

Chico State welcomes more than 80 employers to its career fair, the highest in years.

Chico State Career Center Director James Starmer says, "We're seeing the economy come back. We're seeing employment start to come back and the students are excited."

And rightly so. For the first time in five years, Chico State's all majors career fair has more than 80 recruiters. And Career Center Director James Starmer says it's only good news for the students. "They're getting excited that there is opportunity and it's only going to get better," says Starmer.

Take Chico State Senior Brittany Rubio for instance. Graduating in June, she says she's excited to possibly find a future employer at Wednesday's career fair. "The fact that there are so many recruiters here, looking for students like me, it gives me a lot of hope for my future," she says.

Companies ranged from HP and State Farm to Kohl's and Target. Even non-profit organizations like the Peace Corp were on hand looking for potential interns and employees. And most say they enjoy coming back each year. Enterprise Representative Gisele Larsen says, "We find that the students are really well rounded, a lot of great academic skills. But also the social aspect."

Employers who have attended Chico State's career fair year after year, say it's a pleasant surprise to see the number of recruiters on the rise once again. Federated Insurance Representative Joe Kessing says, "You can totally see a change in the companies that are back today who I haven't seen in a while.. 38 There's twice as many companies as two years ago."

And this just reassures student's there are career's out there waiting for them. Chico State Senior Viktor Sinzig says, "It shows that the economy is picking back up and I'm looking forward to that." Angela Kiju, Chico State Senior says, "I'm just excited about the future and what it has to offer me as a student."


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