Chico State Book Store Changes

May 9, 2012 8:13 PM

The selection of textbooks will be getting a lot smaller on the Chico State campus come next fall. The Associated Student Wildcat Store will be cut from two floors down to one.

The down sizing will save the student government roughly $185,000 a year, according to the A.S. Executive Director David Buckley. On top of that, the space, simply wasn't being used because of a significant decline in textbook sales.

And one of the main factors of low book sales, modern technology. Sophomore Madison Miller says, "All the E-books online are way easier, way more sustainable and you can actually search through the text books online which is really helpful."

Many students are choosing to use eBooks instead of hard copies. But other students like Junior Kelly Davis prefer buying textbooks each semester from the bookstore. "It's more convenient. I just know where all the books are going to be here and at the end of the year at least I can get some money back."

Miller says she can't afford to pay full price for the textbooks in the store. She says even the rentals don't match online prices. "I don't buy them on campus, I buy them all online, usually through Amazon or Chegg," she says.

Many students are concerned consolidating the store will result in long lines during the first and last weeks of school, as students buy and sell back textbooks. But school officials say a lack of book sales have left them no choice.

The move will happen around the second week of September... And the BMU committee will decide what the second floor will be used for at their next meeting.


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