Chico State assault victim back on campus, recovering

Mar 25, 2015 12:14 PM by Brian Johnson

The man who punched a Chico State student following a brief confrontation with her two weeks ago is still on the loose.

Meanwhile, his victim, Raelynn Vincent, is back in class and still recovering.

"I remember falling on the ground and just remember spitting up a lot of blood and screaming in pain, just [a] traumatizing memory," Vincent told Action News Now on Tuesday.

Vincent sometimes still sees those images in her mind, and has difficulty putting them into words.

In the two-plus weeks since she was punched in the face while walking home from her boyfriend's house, breaking her jaw in two places, Vincent has had two surgeries, and now has two titanium plates holding everything in place.

"I still have moments where I kind of have to tell myself OK, this happened, you're getting through it, and you're halfway through, sort of," Vincent said.

It will take six more weeks before she can chew again.
She misses pizza, but mashed potatoes will have to do for now.

Vincent, amazingly, is back in Chico and resuming classes at Chico State.

"I'm a little more nervous but I'm OK so far," she said.

Up until now, she said she's had a great college experience here, but will leave Chico after walking with a communications degree in May.

Vincent said she doesn't feel anger towards whoever did this to her, but disgust.

And despite trying to block certain parts out, she said what happened will forever be a part of her, but won't let it define her.

"My life kind of froze since this happened, so I just wanna like move to the next step, and move on with my life," Vincent said.

Chico Police Sgt. Matt Madden told Action News Now that they are still actively working this case, but there is no new information for the public now.

Vincent said her roommate spoke with a college couple who were witnesses to the attack, and is asking them to please come forward and talk to police about what they saw.


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