Chico State alum, artist installs recreated mural

Oct 29, 2015 12:36 PM by News Staff

Artist John Pugh is back at work in the same place he spent so much time 34 years ago and the new Taylor Hall mural at Chico State is getting close to being finished.

Academe, the name of the original mural, was Pugh’s first major project, and completed while he was still a Chico State student.

Three decades later, Pugh’s artistry has taken him all over the world, but coming back to where it all began is special for him. "I have moments when I'm painting here that it's like a time portal, like I'm transported back to the day I was a student painting this, so it's been a real interesting jump in time backwards. It's not even nostalgic, I just feel like I'm back here in school again” Pugh said.

Pugh re-created the mural in his studio on a special type of canvas, and when applied to the wall of the new Taylor Hall it will look just as if it were painted directly onto the new surface.

The installation was completed Wednesday night, and Pugh plans on spending another week on-site touching it up.


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