Chico State Academic Senate votes no confidence in senior leadership

Dec 11, 2015 7:11 PM by Anthony Peters

It was a contentious scene Thursday as the Chico State University Academic Senate voted in favor for a resolution in support of no confidence in university leadership this evening on the Chico State's campus.

"The resolution has been a long time coming," Academic Senate chairperson Dr. Betsy Boyd said.

The measure which was brought to the senate's attention last week, cited issues with the school's budget which was not made available until November of this year.
Dr. Boyd says the budget issues are just the tip of the iceberg regarding issues staff and faculty have had with senior leadership.

"Really, it became apparent we had issues on campus in spring of 2014," she said.

The issues were first brought forth in a climate survey of staff and faculty in that year included toxic work environments and a friction between faculty and senior administration.

The resolution did not pass unanimously and had eight votes in opposition.

"there are some very vocal opposition to this and sees things going well," Dr. Boyd said.

From here the resolution will be forwarded to California State University Chancellor Timothy White, the CSU board of trustees and the administration at Chico State.
Dr. Boyd says this is a low point for many on campus but remains optimistic for the future as a new school president will be chosen after President Paul Zingg retires at the end of the school year.

"We are looking forward to a new president," she said. "One who will bring back co-governance in the true spirit of Chico State."


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