Chico Softball Junior Little League All-Stars Headed to Regionals

Jul 25, 2014 2:11 AM by Ross Field

Fresh off capturing the Northern California Championship, the Chico Softball Little League Junior All-Stars are headed to the West Regionals in Tucson, Arizona.

Chico will kick off the double elimination tournament against either the Montana state champs or the Arizona state champs on Friday, August 1st.

If the girls win the West Regional, they'll advance to the Little League Softball World Series in Kirkland, Washington, something they're hoping to accomplish.

"We're twelve players strong, everybody contributes, everyone knows when they're called upon to get in the field and play, they're ready to work hard and perform," said Head Coach Roy Bishop.

Kamryn Parker echoes her coach's sentiment.

"I think we'll do pretty well, we have a good group and we're really good against tough competition."

This 13-14-year-old team is the second all-star squad from Chico to advance to the regional stage this year, with the other being the Majors team. Caysie Kirby says it's a big accomplishment for Chico softball.

"I think it's great, people are proud of us and that's a big thing for Chico, this is great, San Bernardino for the Majors and us for Arizona."

The Chico Junior All-Star team is looking for a little financial help for their trip to Tucson.

If you'd like to help, head to this website to see all the fundraisers they've scheduled:


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