Chico Softball All-Stars Prep for Little League World Series

Jul 31, 2014 8:31 PM by Ross Field

The Chico Majors Softball All-Stars hit the diamond in preparation for the Little League World Series from Aug. 7th-13th in Portland, Oregon.

It's been a very busy summer for the World Series bound Chico Majors All-Stars.

"Just tournament after tournament after tournament," said Andy Wahl, the head coach of Chico Majors All-Stars.

Four tournaments to be exact, all in different locations.

"Very hectic but a whole lot of fun," said Wahl.

And the magical run isn't quite over. They've got one more tournament to go and after some time off these all-stars are getting back to work, playing catch and taking hacks as they gear up to play the world's best teams.

"I'm ecstatic, really really excited," said Joyce Murray.

Chico heads to Portland next Tuesday, August 5th. Their first game will be Thursday, August 7th, against the Phillipines, leaving them plenty of time to...

"Sharpen things up," said Murray.

"It's really important because if we don't focus now, we won't be able to focus in the games. Whatever we do in practice is what we're going to do in the games so it's really important that we work hard," said Catherine Bultema.

The team seems pretty loose and refreshed after a couple days off. The travel throughout the summer has been a burden but it's all worth it in the end, espeically if they can win one more tournament.

"That's our intention and our goal is to go up there and do really well and take this whole thing," said Wahl.


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